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The Long Awaited Return of The Procrastibaker

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Ok so “long awaited” is probably my ego, but it’s been over 12 months since I last posted and I figured it’s time for a fresh start. Between finishing high school then starting uni my spare time has been chewed up and thus my blog has been left to slowly wither away but alas no longer. Time to fatten it back up. Since you last heard from me I was crowned Miss Universe Australia and in light of this, I decided to bake the most calorifically delicious, sugar laden treat I could think of. Because that’s what pageant girls eat, right?


With salted caramel.

And chocolate ganache.

Just like a successful pageant queen this baby is a triple threat of everyone’s favourite things smooshed together. Now I’m usually pretty good with the overly decadent desserts so when I can only manage a few mouthfuls I know I’ve probably gone overboard…

“Trump Brownies”

Because they’re so darn rich.


Start with your basic brownie mix. Easier the better. Chop up some chocolate to stick on top.



Bake this baby until firm but still gooey. It’ll set further as it cools so less is more.

Now comes the tricky bit. Once you’ve taken your brownie base out of the oven start on your salted caramel. This way the brownie will be cool enough and the caramel won’t melt when you pour it on top. The trick with salted caramel is whatever you do, DO NOT BURN YOUR SUGAR!! Better off being a little underdone than over done. I also recommend using a whisk to move the sugar around because then you won’t get as many thick lumps.


Now pour the thick, cool caramel on your cooled brownie base.


Ok so I know it sorta looks like clarified butter but trust me on this.

Actually clarified butter would probably be the healthier option… #missuniversediet

At this point I got
a) lazy
b) too hungry to be bothered taking too many process photos so I could hurry up and finish this monstrosity of a dessert
So I give you creative license to imagine how my chocolate ganache looked while I was making it.

I originally wanted to just temper chocolate and pour over but tempering chocolate isn’t as painless as making ganache and may result in broken teeth when you try to bite down on the gooey brownie/caramel layers then hit rock solid chocolate.

Pour your ganache over the top and let it set in the fridge for a couple of hours. You’ll end up with a very heavy baking tray of yumminess. I ran into trouble when it came to getting it out of the tray so I just ate a little bit out of one end to give me enough room to cut and use a spatula to lift slabs out. Or that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway…




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